Content Marketing

Content Marketing

These are articles that target content marketers specifically. For a while, I was contracted to impart my knowledge to assist founders who choose to complete their own content marketing.

I cover content marketing techniques, research and various types of writing for marketing purposes, while also relaying advice from experts.

15 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a controversial topic. Numerous writing professionals refuse to acknowledge it’s existence whilst others don’t believe it applies to them. Is it a form of depression or merely an excuse for procrastination? Whatever you believe, there are occasions when inspiration… read more

Using Science to Sell: Psychological Techniques for Content Marketers

Oxford Languages defines psychology as “the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context”Apply psychology to your content to give you an inside track into how your audience typically responds… read more

How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy in 9 Easy Steps

Content Marketing Institute research in 2020 shows that 60% of the most successful participants use a documented content marketing strategy. Only 21% of the least successful ones use one. These statistics alone emphasise the importance of content marketing strategies in business. Let’s define the term and investigate how to developread more

The benefits and importance of UX writing

In the early days of the internet, information flowed more freely than ever before. The first blogs and social networks were created almost exclusively based on text. Those early pages set the tone for digital media as we know it today. Web pages have now evolved into something completely different, considering the… read more

Multi-Channel Content Marketing: A Summary

Multi-channel content marketing takes place across a number of different platforms, primarily to further extend your reach and awareness of your brand. By focusing on the varied platforms themselves, you can deliver a unified brand message. Let’s investigate multi-channel content marketing in more detail… read more

Dead Copywriters Do Tell Tales: 17 Pieces of Advice from Departed Content Marketers

They may have passed on but their legacies remain an example for those of us who’ve followed. Here are 17 pieces of advice from departed content marketers – dead copywriters do tell tales… read more

AIDA: The Grand Daddy of Marketing Models

AIDA: The Grand Daddy of Marketing Models. Developed in 1898 by Elias St. Elmo Lewis, an American businessman, it worked on the premise that generating attention and awareness, maintaining interest, creating desire and taking action would create more door-to-door sales. AIDA fits into 21st Century marketing… read more

The Benefits of User Research

What is user research? Simply put, it is research conducted by designers, content strategists and copywriters into the needs and wants of users of their ideas, products or services. There are many forms of user research. The earlier you can incorporate some of these into a design process, the more likely you are to transform… read more

The Differences Between Content Writing and Copywriting

Often, as a start-up, you’ll have one employee designated to carry out full function marketing writing, and you’ll call this person your “copywriter”. Depending on the qualifications and experience of the writer concerned, you may not be filling the copywriting function correctly. So what are the differences between content writing and… read more

Creating Successful Content – A Guide

Think of the word combinations “Laurel and Hardy”, “Lock and Key”, “Bread and Butter” and “Up and Down”. Now think of the word “Marketing”. Its obvious partner should be “Content” but is it actually viewed that way? Creating successful… read more