The Fairy Who Could Not Fly

The Fairy Who Could Not Fly

Long ago, in a faraway land, there lived a fairy. She was as beautiful as fresh snow on the ground, with an imagination that knew no limits. There was one teeny problem though – she had forgotten how to fly!

No matter how hard she tried, and she DID try so hard, she could not remember how to fly! Every day she would wake up, stretch, & say to herself, “Today is the day.”

Every night she would climb into bed in tears. She had tried and tried and tried… why couldn’t she remember how to fly?

Try, Try and Try Again

One day, like every day, she woke up knowing in her mind that she would finally fly again. She stretched like normal, jumped out of bed like normal, fetched her fairy juice at the door like normal and ate her honeysuckle cereal like normal. Then she was up and outside, into the forest determined to fly!

Alas, she tried and tried and tried and tried again, but each time she tried she fell to the heather floor below. Even though her fairy heart was breaking, she didn’t give up. She couldn’t give up!

Night was falling when, as she was about to leave for home, a goblin popped his head out of his hole in a tree and said “Give up, little fairy. You’re hopeless! You will never fly again! I’ve been watching you. You try the same things every day and every day you fail! You haven’t a hope on our green earth of flying again. You’re useless!”

The fairy ran home in tears. She was heartbroken! She climbed into bed that night and fell into a troubled sleep. During the night she dreamed of mean goblins & not being able to fly. It was horrible!

Giving Up

The next day she woke up feeling like the world was going to swallow her. She didn’t even bother to stretch. She climbed out of bed and dragged herself to the door where she picked up her fairy juice. When she got to the cupboard to get out her honeysuckle cereal she got a shock! There was none left! Now even more upset, she was about to throw the box away when she noticed something written on the side of the box!

“Warning: Honeysuckle cereal may prevent fairy flight if taken with fairy juice.”

The little fairy’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. All this time she had been trying to remember how to fly and she hadn’t actually forgotten at all! No wonder nothing was working!

New Hope

She ran to the forest and climbed up to her normal spot. She closed her eyes and leaped off. Instead of landing in the heather, she opened her eyes and saw, yes, blue skies and the most beautiful sunrise above her. The little fairy was flying!

Up! Up she soared, higher and higher until the forest was only a little speck on the earth below. Feeling the warm sun on her wings, the fairy turned and spiralled back down. She found herself laughing and crying at the same time. She had rediscovered what she had always wanted! Life would be better now!

The little fairy landed gently on the heather, right in front of the nasty goblin that had been so mean to her the day before. She leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead.

“Thank you,” she whispered. She jumped back into the air, spinning around as she flew higher and higher into the sky and an ever-after of happiness!

The moral of the story: never let nastiness keep you down for too long. Even the worst kind can have its good points! And ALWAYS read your cereal boxes!

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Collection: Short Stories for Children