Alphawing and the Enchanted Land

Alphawing and the Enchanted Land

In an Enchanted Land covered with snowbells & dew petals lived Alphawing, and lots of other fantastic creatures too!

Alphawing was a butterfly, not like the ones we’ve all watched outside in our gardens….but a special one! You see, Alphawing had wings that were as wide as an eagle’s from tip to tip. He could fly as fast as one too!

Alphawing could also talk, which made him a very special butterfly! In fact, all the wondrous creatures in the Enchanted Land could talk. I mean, it was the Enchanted Land, after all!

The Day It All Happened

One fine Summer’s morning Alphawing left his home in the daisy-cup & took off into the air. Lots of other butterflies were already fluttering about but none of them were quite as large or beautiful as Alphawing. All the butterflies called to him as he flew past…

“Hello Alphawing!”

“Good Morning Alphawing!”

“How are you today Alphawing?”

Alphawing rolled his eyes. He couldn’t be bothered to say hello to the other butterflies as they were really quite annoying. After all, they only made a fuss about him because he was bigger & brighter than them! He didn’t have time for small talk any way!

“Alphawing, yoo-hoo!”

“What a lovely day it is, hey Alphawing?”

“Come over for dinner some time, Alphawing”

Alphawing twirled his feelers at the annoying chatter and flew on. Like normal, he couldn’t be bothered to answer. The other butterflies were so irritating! Whilst he flew he looked at his reflection in the waterfall mirror. He truly was a sight to behold!

Alphawing in Trouble

Alphawing was so busy admiring himself in the mirror that he forgot to watch where he was flying. Before you could say “bells & gravy” he had flown into the huge sticky web of the Enchanted Land’s most scary creature, the mighty Gorgon Spider!

Alphawing landed slap bang in the middle of the web and its sticky goo swaddled him. It was horrible to watch! He got such a shock that he cried out, and wriggled to free himself. Everyone knows this was the worst thing he could have done, as it only pulled him deeper into goo. Even worse, his cry woke up the Gorgon Spider!

The Gorgon Spider opened his eyes one by one. He had eight of them so it took a while. As his eyes opened and he noticed Alphawing struggling in the web, the Gorgon Spider’s long fangs began to glisten from the saliva running down them. Alphawing yelled out at the top of his voice…

“Help! Please! Somebody help me!!”

He didn’t stop yelling. He couldn’t stop! The Gorgon Spider crept slowly closer!

“Help! HELP!!”

Friends will be Friends

All of a sudden there was a commotion in the air around the giant web! Wings! Lots of them!

Alphawing looked upwards out of the goo. He saw hundreds of butterflies all flying downwards towards the Gorgon Spider! The sky was full of colour, like a huge field of flowers blowing in the wind.

The Gorgon Spider saw the multi-coloured swarm too. He stood up on four legs to fight off the dive-bombing butterflies. Dive-bombing? Yes, they were all around him, causing him to rock back-and-forth on his four back legs.

In the meantime another group of butterflies had surrounded Alphawing. They began chewing at the half-dried goo that held him captive. More and more goo came loose until, finally, he was free! He flapped his wings and breathed the clear air as he flew upwards, away from that horrible web!

Alphawing turned to look back in time to see the Gorgon Spider lose his balance and fall. Down he fell, down towards the earth far below. Then Alphawing turned away again and flew as fast as he could, with the group of butterflies that had rescued him following close behind.

Alphawing Learns a Lesson

Finally Alphawing landed, tired out and feeling more than a little embarrassed. A beautiful lady butterfly landed softly beside him.

“My name is Jeshra, Goddess of the Butterflies. I’ve been watching you for a long, long time. I’ve seen goodness in you, Alphawing, and so have your friends. Yes, your friends! They have tried to know you better but you have not let them, but in your time of need they were there for you. They listened to your calls and acted. You have never listened to theirs.”

Alphawing looked at the beauty before him and felt ashamed. He knew she spoke the truth and knew that it had been that way for a long time.

Jeshra smiled at him, waved her wing and told him to look. Alphawing looked up and saw all the butterflies from the Enchanted Land in front of him. They were cheering and celebrating! Their friend was now safe, in more ways than one!

From that day on Alphawing had lots of friends and companions, and they all had Alphawing. All was good in the Enchanted Land.

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Collection: Short Stories for Children