The Politicians Nightmare

The Politician’s Nightmare

Images of suffering

Subjects of fear

Dying in fathoms of governmental madness

Mutilated idealists with frozen ideas

Underlying truthfulness covered in tears


Went a soldier’s body

Wasted on a street corner

Bloodied carcass, burning tyre

Lamb to the slaughter


Went the armoured car

Smack into suburbia

Empty cockpit, petrol flame

A devil’s only daughter

Anarchy in the street

So the system is complete?

Glistening silver

A piercing thrust

Statesman on the knife

Cries of war over there


A union’s snare

Bodies there and everywhere

Government beware

This is the story of a system’s fall from power

Here lies the tale of Apartheid’s ugly flower

This is the story of the birth of “Bantu” character

Here lies the tale of “Ons Land Suid-Afrika”

Collection: And Then the World Stood Still…

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