Our Country

Our Country

Our country is non-existent

We live in a land

Governed by a “Supreme Force”

“Up the Nats!” come the cries from the foolish and naïve

While we sit and wait for future days

Wait for the uprising.

“Revolution is only a word”

“No, it will never affect us”

Little do they know.

Dark flames are burning in the townships of South Africa

Burning until they become overwhelming

And surge into the streets of suburbia

Leaving destruction in their paths

Vengeful angels of Death.

“Courage” shouts Terreblanche

“We’ll fight them on the beaches!”

But he falls and fails in his beliefs

“Let’s rationalise” is Botha’s plea

As he is walked over and dismissed

Many of the “Supreme Force”

Attempt to join the new creed

But are rejected and fade into oblivion

People of South Africa

Unite NOW!

Collection: And Then the World Stood Still…

Image courtesy of pix.andynix.co.za