My head swirls in circles


Intoxication is not just a word

Believe me I know

Last night I got intoxicated

And the night before that

I enjoy the act of getting intoxicated

But I don’t like the after-effects

The other night I punched a wall

Last night I headbutted a stained glass window

It seemed fun at the time

But now my head is aching

“Why intoxication?” people ask

I always answer the same

“I drinks, I gets intoxicated, I falls down”

Such fun.

When I feel lonely I get intoxicated

If I feel angry I get intoxicated

If I feel ignored I get intoxicated

When I feel depressed I get intoxicated

When I get intoxicated

I hang in the balance

Debating which way to leap

One day I’ll leap the wrong way.

Collection: And Then the World Stood Still…

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