Hookers of the World Watch Out!

Hookers of the World Watch Out!

There was this girl that I once knew

Her hair was dark

Her eyes were blue

She was a good girl then

At fifteen she changed herself

She wore tight jeans

And not much else

She was a cute girl then

At seventeen she fell in “love”

And then one night

In the back of a truck…

She was a hot girl then

At eighteen years she bore a child

He’s now fourteen

Young and wild

He is a cool boy now

At twenty-one she moved from home

To New York

A young sex bomb

She was promiscuous then

She left her son in Waikiki

His grandma died

He lives with me

He is good boy now

At twenty-two she had no home

At night she worked

A red light zone

She was a bad girl then

At twenty-five she met a bloke

Who raped her twice

Then slit her throat

She was a dead girl then.

Collection: And Then the World Stood Still…

Image courtesy of modernday.org