This selection of articles deals with technology. Special reference is often given to AI Content Generation and how useful the technology can be, specifically in the fields of copywriting and content marketing.

I wrote and published these articles in 2021, while contracted to CodeCabin, the home of ContentBot.

Technology and the future of books

For almost 300 years, books have been the primary means of gathering and sharing information. They were the way that people learned, shared stories, and spent their free time, but has their time come and gone? The technological age has introduced a new way to read that has redefined how we think about books. In… read more

17 Opinions on the Future Role of AI Content Generators: Why Go AI?

Fact: AI content generation is here to stay. There seems to be a little unease amongst certain copywriters and content marketers regarding this. In fact, a recent poll conducted in a LinkedIn group revealed that 27% of respondents would not even contemplate using an AI content generator. So why go AI? What follows are 17… read more

ContentBot Introduces AI Generated Long Form Content Features

As part of an ongoing mission to cater for our users’ needs, we at ContentBot have introduced AI generated long form content features as part of our ever-developing copywriting and content marketing tool. With ContentBot’s Full Blog Posts feature you can now create full blog posts of up to ±2000 words, divided into sections, and… read more

An Old School Copywriter Salutes AI Content Generators

Our world has changed in many respects since way-back-when. Life in general has become difficult in some departments, especially recently, but I’ve found that my livelihood has actually become easier in many ways, certainly in regards to content creation. AI and digital content generation have saved me time and increased my productivity and… read more

ContentBot Product Updates

ContentBot has recently updated the functionality of our product as follows… read more

Yet More New Features to ContentBot

A couple of days ago we announced some new features to ContentBot. Guess what?! Our developers have been burning the candle at both ends to bring you yet more new features. By listening to the feedback of our valued users, we’ve been able to produce some more great new additions, including the following… read more

Even More New Additions to ContentBot

Since the last product update, developers have been busy working to bring you even more new additions at ContentBot. We are striving to listen to you, our valued users, and give you the best value that you can find in AI content generation. Our latest features include… read more

ContentBot is Continually Evolving!

ContentBot is continually evolving! Plans are constantly afoot to ensure that ContentBot is even more attractive and useful to you, our users. Some new tools, features and content blocks have been added as we strive to make ContentBot the face of AI content generation in 2021… read more

ContentBot and OpenAI’s GPT-3 have Combined as a Business Solution

ContentBot and OpenAI’s GPT-3 have combined. In a digital marketing world, content is everything. The more effective the content the greater the exposure and the better the sales. With huge companies able to churn out content rapidly, SMEs often fall behind with regards to SEO and similar avenues. Without budgets to employ… read more

The Future of Content Creation

Content creation is the process of building something, whether it be an article, a blog, a social media page or a podcast broadcast. The term content creation has its roots entrenched in copywriting and marketing, with the creators of content possessing the ability to string copy for words and ideas together. This makes sure… read more

Is AI the Future of Copywriting?

With the advent of OpenAI, the growing question in copywriting and marketing circles is whether humans in copywriting face the prospect of becoming obsolete? Will we be replaced by the same AI that our words and creativity assisted in bringing forth? Is AI the future of Copywriting?read more

A Brief History of the “Bot”: From IRC to ContentBot

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was developed and first initiated by Jarkko Oikarinen to take the place of the MultiUser Talk (MUT) program utilised by Finland’s University of Oulu in the late 1980’s. Nobody realised the extent to which it would grow… read more

ContentBot: An AI Content Generator That Inspires Greater Productivity

ContentBot is an AI content generator that inspires greater productivity. The latest release by CODECABIN is a user-friendly WordPress AI Content plugin and web app. It is designed to assist you when you might be battling with ideas for decent content. Headlines, product names, start-up and marketing ideas, copywriting… read more