Content writers, copywriters and founders, who choose to complete their own copywriting, might find these copywriting articles enlightening and informative.

I cover copywriting techniques and formulas, research, and various information on and for copywriters, while also relaying advice from experts.

Incorporating copywriting into your startup

Writing persuasive advertising copy is an art. Research should be done into the right type of copy suitable for your enterprise. Before you go about incorporating copywriting into your startup, decide whether you have the skills to carry it out yourself or to consider hiring a professional copywriter… read more

Content and Copy Gold: 7 Top Influencers Talk About Their Trade

There is so much to know if you want to be the best that you can be. And even when you think you’ve reached the pinnacle of your career, you will find that you won’t stop learning. The world is constantly evolving; new technologies… read more

20 Funny Quotes Connected to Copywriting: Keep Smiling

Quotes can keep you smiling while still touching a nerve with the truth. Here are 20 funny quotes connected to copywriting:-… read more

Applying Science to Copywriting: 11 Psychological Techniques

Psychology is a scientific branch that you should consider utilising for your copy. Getting into your audience’s minds assists with their response to your words and prompts a call-to-action. Here are 11 psychological techniques you can use when applying science to copywriting: 01. Illusory Truth Effect This effect is one you can use to… read more

13 Top YouTubers for Copywriters: Watch & Learn

Video content is trending in the copywriting world right now, and numerous copywriters are making the most of this. In this article I will feature 13 Top YouTubers for Copywriters whose videos display valuable content that features prominently on YouTuberead more

LOL for Copywriters: 13 Tips & Guidelines for Writing Humorous Content

I’m not funny. Whenever I try stand-up comedy I end up sitting down. The simple truth is that you don’t need to be funny to write humorous content… and that’s no joke! So why would you want to produce humorous content anyway? What benefits would it provide? And how would you go about doing it? Here are 13 tips andread more

Keep Trendy: 10 Top Copywriting and Content Marketing Trends in 2021

You will find, while browsing, that there are multiple blog posts focusing on trends in the copywriting and content marketing industry. The question is how many of those mentioned are current trends and how many are actually now established norms that are commonplace year-in and year-out? We’ve tried to target those sectors that… read more

Research: The Most Important Skill in a Copywriter’s Arsenal

So you can write. You are empathetic, adept at storytelling and personalized content, and can generate 3000+ words a day. You have a persuasive edge that drives conversions. That’s all brilliant! But how much do you research?… read more

Be Prepared: 42 Potential Interview Questions and Tips for Copywriting Candidates

Copywriting is an increasingly competitive industry and, when you get that interview scheduled, it is important that you are as prepared as you can be. Here is a list of 42 potential interview questions and tips for copywriting candidates... read more

The Top 15 Songs for Copywriters: A Writing Countdown

It’s fun to play with words. Certain songs have links to the copywriting profession, albeit tenuous ones. We’ve found a way to link some song titles and certain lyrics in the songs themselves in order to form The Top 15 Songs for Copywriters: a writing countdown to take the edge off during or after your busy day… read more

10 Benefits of Remote Copywriting: Work Better From Home

When COVID-19 forced agencies all over the world to send their copywriters home to work virtually, remote copywriting experienced a big moment. Whether you are one of the many freelancers (or now, agency copywriters) already working remotely or are possibly… read more

20 Top Copywriting Productivity Tips and Hacks: How to Get Things Done

It has been 22 years since the Australian film director, Baz Luhrmann, released his spoken-word single “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)”. Since then the track has become a self-help mantra for thousands of people worldwide. The point being made by bringing up this song in an article about productivity will be… read more

15 Necessary Tasks for Successful Freelance Copywriters: It’s Not All About the Copy

There’s a lot more to writing copy in the world of freelance copywriting. Any one of those successful freelance copywriters will tell you that it doesn’t start as a life of luxurious comfort, nor is it plain sailing. With freelancing comes the added stress of running a business and, even when you’re in a position to employ others, this… read more

13 Copywriting Podcasts to Follow in 2021

As copywriters we write a lot! At times it’s great to be able to leave the keyboard alone for a while in order to settle back and rest our fingers and eyes a little. Keeping up with the latest tips and tricks, or industry trends, for a while using another of our senses can make a world of difference to our creativity and, ultimately, our… read more

The Top 20 Copywriting Books of the New Millennium

Following on from our previous article, The Top 20 Copywriting Books of the 20th Century, we’ve now compiled a list of The Top 20 Copywriting Books of the New Millennium. With the advent of AI and content bots, certain of us tend to forget that much knowledge can still be gleaned by more traditional means, and… read more

The Top 20 Copywriting Books of the 20th Century

We’ve visited a number of online bookstores and allocated their “star ratings” to over 100 books tied in some way to copywriting. After totalling these ratings, we’ve compiled this list of The Top 20 Copywriting Books of the 20th Centuryread more

The History of Copywriting: 13 Key Periods

As a copywriter, you’ve chosen quite an old profession. Evidence shows that the art of copywriting began as far back as 3000 BC. Let’s delve back into the history of copywriting… read more

Dead Copywriters Do Tell Tales: 17 Pieces of Advice from Departed Content Marketers

They may have passed on but their legacies remain an example for those of us who’ve followed. Here are 17 pieces of advice from departed content marketers – dead copywriters do tell tales… read more

The 4P Formula for Persuasive Copywriting: Promise-Picture-Proof-Pitch

The 4P formula for persuasive copywriting is somewhat different to the traditional 4P Marketing formula – Product-Price-Promotion-Place. This version invariably forms part of the “Promotion” segment of the customary one so let’s investigate 4P in more detail… read more

Using the POWER Copywriting Method to Create Good Copy

Dean Rieck devised a simple and painless method to assist copywriters. When using the POWER Copywriting method to create good copy, he suggests incorporating 5 steps to ensure you make the most of your copywriting ability… read more

5 Copywriting Techniques to Increase Sales

Following on from our previous article on formulas, “5 Copywriting Formulas that Assist in Driving Conversions” here are another 5 copywriting techniques designed to help with sales… read more

5 Copywriting Formulas that Assist in Driving Conversions

There are a number of available copywriting formulas that assist in driving conversions. We’ve dealt with a few in previous articles already so let’s look at five others that can also be highly effective… read more

Before-After-Bridge Tells a Tale and Provides the Path to a Happy Ending

We all like happy endings. Fairytale princesses often have them. Unfortunately we, in the real world, are not as fortunate. The primary reason for this is, although we can envisage the ending, we often don’t know how to get there. In copywriting and marketing, a formula exists that shows us… read more

The Features-Advantages-Benefits Analysis for Copywriters: Why It is FAB!

The FAB analysis formula is widely utilised in copywriting circles for obvious reasons. Focusing on the product and your target market enables you to educate both your audience and yourself. Product knowledge and user research are essential to this formula’s maximum impact. Correctly applied… read more

The Four C’s Formula: Creating Clear, Concise, Compelling and Credible Copy

Bob Bly first presented The Secret of the Four C’s formula in his 2013 book, The Business-to-Business Marketing HandbookAs such, it is one of the newer copywriting formulas but it has made quite an impact in the industry in this short space of time. The Four C’s formula only works well with… read more

AIDA: The Grand Daddy of Marketing Models

AIDA: The Grand Daddy of Marketing Models. Developed in 1898 by Elias St. Elmo Lewis, an American businessman, it worked on the premise that generating attention and awareness, maintaining interest, creating desire and taking action would create more door-to-door sales. AIDA fits into 21st Century marketing… read more

Pain-Agitate-Solution: An Effective Copywriting Formula

Pain-Agitate-Solution. The three words alone invoke a reaction, don’t they? At a time when digital copy has become even more competitive due to the sensitive state of our World, what better way is there to promote anything than with empathy and through emotion? Commonly going by the… read more

Pearls of Wisdom: 20 Quotes from Renowned Copywriters and Marketers

Throughout the last two centuries, more and more emphasis has been placed on copywriting and marketing. There has been an array of pathfinders in these related fields, with many of the current crop continuing to forge new ways forward. Here are 20 quotes from renowned copywriters and marketers, both past and present… read more

What Role Has Gender Played in Copywriting?

These are age old questions when it comes to, well, just about any profession. Will you earn less according to gender? Is it a deciding factor if there’s a promotion on the line? Can a woman do the job as well as a man (or vice versa)? What role has gender played in copywriting… read more

The Most Important Aspects of Successful Copywriting

The most important aspects of successful copywriting when beginning any new project are:- 1. Research and clarify your audience thoroughly. 2. Identify the benefits of the product or service that you are promoting and the key messages you want to relay. 3. Chart a strategy to approach the subject… read more

The Life of a Full Time Copywriter

The life of a full time copywriter is anything but boring. You can be misunderstood at times because you strive for excellence in all that you do and this can sometimes be misinterpreted. You are probably a perfectionist. So what does your life actually entail… read more

How to Become an Effective Remote Copywriter

With the advent of Covid-19, thousands of people have to fit into our new world without any prior experience. Unemployment, or the loss of a customer base, as businesses floundered has become commonplace. As such, many have to find a new means of generating… read more

The Differences Between Content Writing and Copywriting

Often, as a start-up, you’ll have one employee designated to carry out full function marketing writing, and you’ll call this person your “copywriter”. Depending on the qualifications and experience of the writer concerned, you may not be filling the copywriting function correctly. So what are the differences between content writing and… read more

Business Focus: 4 Ways That a Copywriter Can Benefit You

It is difficult keeping up with the fast pace of change in the business and marketing world. As a result, you may be reaching a point where a decision needs to be made regarding how you want to show yourself to the public. To aid with this, here are 4 ways that a copywriter can benefit you… read more

The Top 10 Copywriting Tips for 2021

Copywriting is the art of strategically using words to convince prospects to buy a product or make use of a service. It is an important part of the marketing process in business and, especially in this digital age, encompasses many other facets of marketing too. Here are the top 10 copywriting tips for 2021… read more

Creating Successful Content – A Guide

Think of the word combinations “Laurel and Hardy”, “Lock and Key”, “Bread and Butter” and “Up and Down”. Now think of the word “Marketing”. Its obvious partner should be “Content” but is it actually viewed that way? Creating successful… read more