Content Marketing

Content Marketing

These are a number of articles for founders and marketers that deal with content marketing – strategy, research, long form content etc. Articles dealing with short form copy can be found here.

Content Strategy in a Business Environment

In the digital age, a content strategy is essential for all business. Conducting research into the types of copy and content that suit your business is important, especially for start-ups. You’ll need to make sure that your skill sets and the time you have makes it worth tackling your content strategy yourself. It may make sense to… read more

Using Science to Sell: Psychological Techniques for Content Marketers

Oxford Languages defines psychology as “the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context”Apply psychology to your content to give you an inside track into how your audience typically responds… read more

How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy in 9 Easy Steps

Content Marketing Institute research in 2020 shows that 60% of the most successful participants use a documented content marketing strategy. Only 21% of the least successful ones use one. These statistics alone emphasise the importance of content marketing strategies in business. Let’s define the term and investigate how to developread more

Content Marketing: Essential to Growing a Brand

A recent LinkedIn poll shows that a many respondents aren’t familiar with what content marketing entails. As such they are not aware of its importance to brand growth. Before expanding upon why content marketing is essential to growing a brand, let’s summarise what it actually is… read more

In Content Marketing, All Roads Lead to Rome: Your Website is Your Capital City!

The adage, “All roads lead to Rome” dates back to the middle ages. The reason the term began is because the Roman Empire’s roadways all spread from its capital city outwards. Rome was the focal point for all trade. Applying the same adage in content marketing terms makes an awful lot of… read more

50 Top Female Content Marketers

For decades female copywriters and content marketers drew the short straw when it came to gender ratios in the industry. This tide appears to be turning, with women occupying 52.5 percent of employed positions in the advertising, public relations and related services industry in the US during 2020. Many more top female contentread more

Multi-Channel Content Marketing: A Summary

Multi-channel content marketing takes place across a number of different platforms, primarily to further extend your reach and awareness of your brand. By focusing on the varied platforms themselves, you can deliver a unified brand message. Let’s investigate multi-channel content marketing in more detail… read more

25 of the Top Content Marketers on Twitter

Social media has become a core element in the field of content marketing, and many of the top professionals in the industry have made their presence felt in a larger way than ever before. We’ve decided to look at 25 of the Top Content Marketers on Twitter, with the only inclusion proviso being that the Twitter account must have… read more

The Benefits of User Research

What is user research? Simply put, it is research conducted by designers, content strategists and copywriters into the needs and wants of users of their ideas, products or services. There are many forms of user research. The earlier you can incorporate some of these into a design process, the more likely you are to transform… read more

How using Multilingual Marketing can Benefit Your Business

In this digital age, you can do worse than marketing your products and services in a number of languages. Of the over 3 billion internet users worldwide, about a quarter are native English speakers. As such, you could lose out on nearly 225 million people not reading your blog or viewing your adverts because… read more