These coaching articles are designed to assist in areas of creativity including productivity, writing, remote work and social media.

Writers, founders and entrepreneurs, and various creative types, in particular, may find these articles helpful and enlightening.

17 Tips to Create Your Own Writing Portfolio Website

We’re living in a digital age. Writers face more competition than ever before to secure, and then cement, stable positions within their chosen industries. A writing portfolio website that clearly promotes your experience and talent, while highlighting your published work, will make this goal more achievable… read more

Using Music to Improve Your Creative Productivity

For creative types, finding inspiration and remaining productive isn’t always that easy. Sometimes it becomes necessary to find different ways to keep the creative juices flowing. Have you ever tried using music to improve your creative productivity… read more

15 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a controversial topic. Numerous writing professionals refuse to acknowledge it’s existence whilst others don’t believe it applies to them. Is it a form of depression or merely an excuse for procrastination? Whatever you believe, there are occasions when inspiration… read more

Productivity: 15 Steps to Eliminate Procrastination in the Workplace

A precursor to stress is to find yourself in a situation where you’re not being productive in the office, and not knowing how to counter your predicament. Many factors, internal and external, contribute to procrastination and the stress it causes, so exercise some self-compassion. Consider incorporating some… read more

17 Ways to Display Empathy with Your Content

Displaying empathy is important in content marketing. An ability to connect with an audience on a very real level is fundamental to being successful as a content marketer. Knowing your audience and their pain points will ensure that you’re able to turn a “maybe” into a “yes”. Various influencers have spoken about ways to display empathy with your content. Below are some of their tips to build personal and… read more

Learn to Tweet Like a Veteran: 15 Handy Hacks

So you’re new to Twitter. Or you’ve been around but haven’t really tweeted much. You’re possibly feeling a bit overwhelmed. How are you going to be able to fit all you want to say into just 280 characters while still getting your point across? There’s a trick to it and hopefully you’ll learn to tweet like a veteran by reading… read more

The benefits and importance of UX writing

In the early days of the internet, information flowed more freely than ever before. The first blogs and social networks were created almost exclusively based on text. Those early pages set the tone for digital media as we know it today. Web pages have now evolved into something completely different, considering the… read more

Use the science of music as a tool to enhance creative productivity

Enforced changes to our world have dictated how business is now being conducted. Greater emphasis is being placed on setting up remote offices, carrying out remote business meetings and, in many cases, making use of entirely virtual workspaces. With these changes, a number of you may be experiencing working life in… read more

How to beat loneliness in workplace solitude

Many of you are now experiencing what it’s like to work remotely. I know I am. The lack of office noise and the odd chirp from a co-worker gets to you at times, doesn’t it? Loneliness carries an increased risk of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Besides that, a 75-year study of 724 men revealed that the loneliness… read more

Advice on how to build an exceptional writing portfolio

An outstanding portfolio is a necessity in the writing profession today. Creative competition is at an all-time high and talent alone will not confirm that you make the grade. Here’s some advice on how to build an exceptional writing portfolioread more

Write Stuff: Helpful Hacks for Would-Be Self-Editors

It may seem frightening not being able to rely on an editor for your content. It shouldn’t be. As long as you understand your process and implement the right checks, you will be just fine. Here are some helpful hacks for would-be self-editorsread more

How Proofreading Helps You: Good Content’s Last Line of Defence

Proofreading is the last line of defence against imperfect content. For writing professionals who profess to take pride in the work they publish, not carrying out extensive proofreading is akin to a racing driver taking part in competition without a steering wheel, or a concert performer walking out on stage without a microphone… read more

35 Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Write Productively

I was wondering whether to write this article now or to leave it for later? Fortunately my research prompted further immediate action. Here are 35 tips to stop procrastinating and write productively… read more

Beating the Block: 21 Suggestions on How to Eliminate Writer’s Block

The dreaded block! As writers we’ve all been through it. It’s a regular part of most of our lives and we’ve probably come up with ways of combatting it when it rears its ugly head. Some of the time. In case… read more

13 Tips for Writing a Captivating Landing Page

Like most other copy, writing a captivating landing page takes a lot of effort in order to one-up your competition and gain an advantage. Your job, as a copywriter, is to make this happen. The following 13 tips will help you in your quest… read more

15 Tips for Writing a Podcast Script That Maintains and Grows Listeners

Scripting a podcast tests creativity to the maximum, especially if it’s not your own. There are numerous factors to take into account when writing a podcast script that maintains and grows listeners. Here are some tips to consider in order to ensure your text will transfer into voice in a way that improve your audience figures… read more

Twitter Insights: 22 Tips That Will Help You to Tweet More Effectively

With over 350 million daily users, Twitter has become a marketing haven for businesses worldwide. Productive insights into this marketing art form can really assist in creating success. Here are 22 tips that will help you to tweet more effectively… read more

15 Tips to Create a Compelling Blog Introduction

You want your blog introduction to inspire further reading. Your readers want to read further. Use these 15 tips to create a compelling blog introduction that will leave them in no doubt as to why they should… read more

23 Tips for Writing Top Headlines

The importance of writing headlines should not be underestimated. Creating a headline that makes an immediate impression on a reader often defines whether or not they read on. There is no standard formula to writing a good headline but there are a number of options that you should consider including for maximum… read more

10 Tips for Writing a Great Blog Post

Writing a great blog post is easy, isn’t it? Throw in a header, slap in some facts, sum it all up and you’re done. Or you can do it the right way… The right way is to write it properly. According to a 2020 survey conducted by Orbit Media on over 1000 bloggers it takes, on average, about four hours to write a blog post… read more