My different article categories appear on the pages displayed in the drop down menu. Alternatively you can click on a link to the category of your choosing below. My articles display my versatility and experience.

Niches & Genres

I will continue to add links to new articles from my blog, and other sites where I’ve been published. I expect the majority to relate to health, marketing, music and writing coaching.

The categories I have included are as follows:-

Existing Content

I spent the vast majority of 2021 contracting full-time. As a result, many of my articles follow related niches with my target audiences including marketers, founders and writers. Many articles deal with AI technology, especially AI Content Generation.

The categories portray my knowledge in various genres. This knowledge allows me to write interesting, relevant and informed articles. Research is a personal strength, and the inclusion of established and reliable sources is paramount.


My content marketing knowledge is continually improving. I am studying a 16-course Technical Content Marketing mini-degree through The CXL Institute, with subjects including research, strategy, distribution, and measurement & reporting. An outline of the mini-degree is available here. Certificates already obtained appear on my References & Certificates page.

With decades of interesting and varied life experience to fall back on, I consider my general knowledge to be above average.

I am confident in my penmanship and in my ability to assign suitable tones to any assignment.