References and Certificates

References and Certificates

What follows are details of references and certificates I have received connected to my writing coaching and content marketing profession:-


I spent most of 2021 contracting to CodeCabin on a remote fulltime fixed-term basis. I completed work functions revolving around content marketing and strategy, copywriting and article writing for the ContentBot website and social media platforms. On the conclusion of my contract, the company’s MD Nick Duncan had the following to say:-


I am in the process of studying part-time and have received a number of certificates for courses and subjects passed relating to content marketing to date.

CXL Institute – Technical Content Marketing Mini-Degree Certificates

In my spare time I am studying for a Technical Content Marketing mini-degree through the CXL Institute. To date, I have completed and passed the following subjects:-

Udemy – Google Analytics for Beginners Certificate

I have also completed a Udemy course on Google Analytics for Beginners.