Unpublished Work

Unpublished Work

Every writer has certain unpublished work that gets consigned to a document folder seldom accessed. I am no different.

Many years ago I digitally converted a collection of poems and lyrics that I had handwritten during my late teens and early adulthood. They have never seen the light of day. The original title that I had written on the A5 Croxley hardcover manuscript book housing the collection was “And Then the World Stood Still…”. I have decided not to change this or alter my writing in any way.

I also tried my hand at writing some stories for children. These were motivated by a friend’s mother who had some illustrations that she wanted to incorporate into a story book. She couldn’t write the stories though so I began using the illustrations to devise suitable tales. I completed 5 or 6 but have lost some over the years, so only 2 remain. Unfortunately the original illustrations have also vanished over time and I have lost touch with the artist. Needless to say, the planned story book never reached fruition.

I also have digital copies of a few “Great Unfinished Novels” that I have started writing. These I won’t be sharing though. I draw comfort in knowing that I’m not the only writer who didn’t complete a book! Who knows, maybe you might still get to read the “Great” finished novels some time in the future? 😀