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Due to the Oncology Crisis in Gauteng Public Hospitals, Is There Any Hope Left for Inflammatory Breast Cancer Patients in South Africa?

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is certainly breast cancer. In fact, it’s a breast cancer overachiever. It is extremely rare, incredibly volatile and has a competitive spirit that makes it extremely difficult to beat. And it really loves being ignored, which is exactly what the Gauteng Department of Health in South Africa is currently doing… read more

The reality of inflammatory breast cancer in the public health sector

Despite the ongoing struggles of attaining cancer care in the public health sector, Jennifer Blowers hasn’t given up and ensured she got the correct treatment she needed. She shares her first year since diagnosis with us. Jennifer Blowers (48) lives in Muldersdrift, Gauteng with her… read more

Music Motivated by Murder: “Suffer Little Children” by The Smiths

This is the second article in a series examining music motivated by murder. I’ll provide information about the songs, the killers and the heinous nature of their crimes during this series… read more

Music Motivated by Murder: “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” by The Adverts

This is the first in a series of articles where I’ll examine music motivated by murder. I’ll provide information about the songs, the killers and the heinous nature of their crimes. Killer track #1 is “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes”a single released by The Advertsread more

Johnny Hart: A Look at the Controversial B.C. Cartoonist

Johnny Hart was the creator and illustrator of the well-known cartoon strip, B.C. He also co-created and wrote The Wizard of ID with fellow cartoonist Brant Parker. The legendary cartoonist skirted with controversy in his older… read more

Jack’s Back, and Now He’s Tracking the Russians

Jack Sweeney, the 19 year old student famous for tracking Elon Musk’s private jet, is at it again. This time he’s applying his talents to tracking the Russian super rich. Russia’s ongoing invasion of the Ukraine is topping international news sites. Jack’s antics do provide some relief for readers overwhelmed by shocking footage of the war. They may also… read more

South African Music Legends: Juluka were Masters of the 20th Century

Juluka. The name is synonymous with SA music, protest, non-racism and a damn fine, ethnic sound for decades, isn’t it? Without a doubt, the band has forged a name for themselves as SA music royalty. Juluka are South African music legends, with primary members, Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mchunu, household names to most South Africans, and others the world over… read more

50 Top Female Content Marketers

For decades female copywriters and content marketers drew the short straw when it came to gender ratios in the industry. This tide appears to be turning, with women occupying 52.5 percent of employed positions in the advertising, public relations and related services industry in the US during 2020. Many more top female contentread more

Copycat: 15 Examples of Plagiarism Throughout History

Plagiarism has been around since a few decades after the death of Christ. In modern times it is unlikely to disappear either. The wealth of information online encourages those looking for instant gratification instead of generating their own original words of substance. What follows are 15 examples of plagiarism throughout historyread more

20 Funny Quotes Connected to Copywriting: Keep Smiling

Quotes can keep you smiling while still touching a nerve with the truth. Here are 20 funny quotes connected to copywriting:-… read more

13 Legendary Advertising Slogans Throughout History

There have been some legendary advertising slogans throughout history, so to whittle them down to a mere thirteen is an impossible task. I have selected some of those that I find the most memorable to share with you… read more

Twitter Insights: 22 Tips That Will Help You to Tweet More Effectively

With over 350 million daily users, Twitter has become a marketing haven for businesses worldwide. Productive insights into this marketing art form can really assist in creating success. Here are 22 tips that will help you to tweet more effectively… read more

The Top 15 Songs for Copywriters: A Writing Countdown

It’s fun to play with words. Certain songs have links to the copywriting profession, albeit tenuous ones. We’ve found a way to link some song titles and certain lyrics in the songs themselves in order to form The Top 15 Songs for Copywriters: a writing countdown to take the edge off during or after your busy day… read more

The Top 20 Copywriting Books of the New Millennium

Following on from our previous article, The Top 20 Copywriting Books of the 20th Century, we’ve now compiled a list of The Top 20 Copywriting Books of the New Millennium. With the advent of AI and content bots, certain of us tend to forget that much knowledge can still be gleaned by more traditional means, and… read more

The Top 20 Copywriting Books of the 20th Century

We’ve visited a number of online bookstores and allocated their “star ratings” to over 100 books tied in some way to copywriting. After totalling these ratings, we’ve compiled this list of The Top 20 Copywriting Books of the 20th Centuryread more

The History of Copywriting: 13 Key Periods

As a copywriter, you’ve chosen quite an old profession. Evidence shows that the art of copywriting began as far back as 3000 BC. Let’s delve back into the history of copywriting… read more

8 Older Advertising & Marketing Businesses Still in Operation

In this digital age, advertising and marketing agencies and business are practically popping up on every street corner. Competition is fierce and talented digital marketers, copywriters and content strategists are in demand. There remain a number of very successful older advertising & marketing… read more

The Top 20 Writing Blogs of 2021

We’ve ranked the Top 20 Writing Blogs according to site ranking, traffic, social engagement and a number of other analytical statistics. The ranking formula itself is complex and results are based only on our interpretation of the same. We visited over 65 blogs and gathered as much data as possible for our analysis. Ranking points… read more

Pearls of Wisdom: 20 Quotes from Renowned Copywriters and Marketers

Throughout the last two centuries, more and more emphasis has been placed on copywriting and marketing. There has been an array of pathfinders in these related fields, with many of the current crop continuing to forge new ways forward. Here are 20 quotes from renowned copywriters and marketers, both past and present… read more

What Role Has Gender Played in Copywriting?

These are age old questions when it comes to, well, just about any profession. Will you earn less according to gender? Is it a deciding factor if there’s a promotion on the line? Can a woman do the job as well as a man (or vice versa)? What role has gender played in copywriting… read more

The Life of a Full Time Copywriter

The life of a full time copywriter is anything but boring. You can be misunderstood at times because you strive for excellence in all that you do and this can sometimes be misinterpreted. You are probably a perfectionist. So what does your life actually entail… read more

A Brief History of the “Bot”: From IRC to ContentBot

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was developed and first initiated by Jarkko Oikarinen to take the place of the MultiUser Talk (MUT) program utilised by Finland’s University of Oulu in the late 1980’s. Nobody realised the extent to which it would grow… read more