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Niches & Genres

In the future, I will be adding further links to new articles from my CopyFountain Blog, and other places where I’m published. I expect the majority to relate to music, sports, entertainment, the arts and my profession.

The categories I have included are as follows:-

Existing Content

I spent the vast majority of 2021 contracting full-time. As a result, many of my articles follow related niches with my target audiences including marketers, founders and writers. Many of the articles I wrote deal with AI technology, especially AI Content Generation.

The categories I display portray my varied knowledge of many genres. This knowledge allows me to write interesting, relevant and informed articles. Research is a personal strength, and including established and reliable sources is paramount.


My already-sound content marketing knowledge is improving even further. I am busy studying a 16-course Technical Content Marketing mini-degree through The CXL Institute. Subjects include research, strategy, distribution, and measurement & reporting. An outline of the mini-degree is available here. The certificates that I have obtained so far appear on my References & Certificates page.

With decades of interesting and varied life experience to fall back on, I consider my general knowledge to be well above average. Challenge me to a game of Trivial Pursuit at your own risk! 😀

I am confident in my penmanship and in my ability to assign a suitable tone to any assignment.

Warren Potter: Your Freelance CopyFounder