Every writer has unpublished work that gets consigned to a seldom-accessed document folder. I am no different.

Many years ago I digitally converted collections of poems and lyrics that had been handwritten during my late teens and early twenties. These had never seen the light of day before inclusion here.

The title I had written on the A5 Croxley hardcover manuscript book housing the collection was “And Then the World Stood Still…”. I have decided not to change this or alter the original writing in any way.

I also wrote some children’s stories in my late twenties and early thirties. These were motivated by a friend’s mother who had some illustrations that she wanted to incorporate into a storybook. She couldn’t write the stories though so I used some of the drawings to devise suitable tales. I originally completed five or six stories, but some have been lost over the years. I have included the two that remain. Unfortunately, the original illustrations have also vanished over time, and I have lost touch with the artist. Needless to say, the planned storybook never reached fruition.

The Collections