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Jack’s Back, and Now He’s Tracking the Russians

Jack Sweeney, the 19 year old student famous for tracking Elon Musk’s private jet, is at it again. This time he’s applying his talents to tracking the Russian super rich. Russia’s ongoing invasion of the Ukraine is topping international news sites. Jack’s antics do provide some relief for readers overwhelmed by shocking footage of the war. They may also… read more

Growing Your Start-up: The Top 20 Books That Founders Could Find Useful

Founding a new business requires dedication. It will take long hours and hard work, which means discipline and more than a little luck to succeed. Any piece of advice you can pick up to grow your expertise is invaluable. I’ve scrolled through the first 10 pages of Google‘s search results on “books for founders”. Over 30 of the sites contain lists of… read more

Marketing Trends: 11 Influencers Who Will Keep You Informed

In marketing it’s important to keep up to date with the latest trends. By following top industry influencers, you won’t go wrong in your quest to do just that. What follows is a list of some of the cream of a decidedly-creamy crop: 11 influencers who will keep you informedread more

Why User Research Helps to Market Your Brand

Content marketers, strategists and founders conduct user research to identify target audiences and how to align brands to their needs. Researching users early in a product or service’s life cycle paints a clearer picture of your audience, with confident application of… read more

Copycat: 15 Examples of Plagiarism Throughout History

Plagiarism has been around since a few decades after the death of Christ. In modern times it is unlikely to disappear either. The wealth of information online encourages those looking for instant gratification instead of generating their own original words of substance. What follows are 15 examples of plagiarism throughout historyread more

13 Legendary Advertising Slogans Throughout History

There have been some legendary advertising slogans throughout history, so to whittle them down to a mere thirteen is an impossible task. I have selected some of those that I find the most memorable to share with you… read more

10 Stats and Facts That Will Make Bloggers Think

Blogging is an industry all on its own. Gone are those days when blogging was a pastime for stay-at-home moms or a way for your kid brother to share the best game moves with his buddies. At the beginning of 2021 there were over 600 million blogs on the internet, with an average of 6.91 million blog posts published daily… read more

8 Older Advertising & Marketing Businesses Still in Operation

In this digital age, advertising and marketing agencies and business are practically popping up on every street corner. Competition is fierce and talented digital marketers, copywriters and content strategists are in demand. There remain a number of very successful older advertising & marketing… read more

The Top 20 Writing Blogs of 2021

We’ve ranked the Top 20 Writing Blogs according to site ranking, traffic, social engagement and a number of other analytical statistics. The ranking formula itself is complex and results are based only on our interpretation of the same. We visited over 65 blogs and gathered as much data as possible for our analysis. Ranking points… read more