A close family unit is important. The ideal isn’t always a reality but formative experiences shared as a family help to mould important life skills, beliefs and actions. You only learn the true value of family on reaching adulthood.


I was fortunate to grow up with the guidance of both of my parents.

I always shared a special bond with my mother, a teacher. She taught me to read and write at the age of four. We celebrated our birthdays a day apart as I was born a few hours too late to give her the ultimate 21st birthday gift. I’ve made sure I’m always on time ever since!

My father was an electrician. The greatest gift that he gave me was my sporting ability and interest. He was a top class hockey player when I was growing up and he passed on his ball skill abilities to me.

Both of my parents passed away within a few years of each other.

I also had the dubious honour of being the oldest of four children. My siblings and I are, sadly, not exactly close.

Present & Future

I am engaged to a drop-dead-gorgeous, wonderful woman who is, in every sense, my life partner. We love as partners should love, share as partners should share, and support as partners should support.

My son is now in his twenties. We share a special bond and he is, in every way, the apple of my eye. I also have a step-daughter in her thirties that I raised from the age of six. We are also close but I don’t see her as often as I’d like to.

My fiancée has two sons in their twenties who I love and regard as my own. My “mother-in-law” and I have an exceptional relationship and she has assumed the mantle of “surrogate” mother to me. I love her as such.

The Family Bond

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful group of people in my life, who I love and regard as my true family. A close family unit provides you with psychological and social peace. Being in a position to love and be loved is a true blessing; one that you should never take for granted. Your family should always be one of your passions.