The White Padded Cell

Warren Potter’s Writing Portfolio

I’m Warren Potter. The White Padded Cell is where you will find samples of, and links to, my professional and personal writing.

Who I Am

You can find out much more about who I am here.

I prefer to work remotely, and am currently available for full time, part time, temporary, short or long term contract and freelance work. I’m experienced and creative, with a work ethic that I pride myself on.

I encourage you to visit my professional website to view my blog and the freelance services that I offer. These services include journalism, content writing, copywriting, writing coaching and various others.

Why The White Padded Cell?

It’s simple really. The White Padded Cell is that place in my mind where I find my inspiration and creativity. It is where I throw ideas against my mental “padded walls” until they all make sense.

My writing process, from beginning to end, takes place within the confines of my private White Padded Cell. This website shows the results of this process.

Feel free to browse the examples of my work, which include links to my published articles.

You can contact me via email on, WhatsApp or call me on +27 663219646, or get in touch via social media.